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URL Factory

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This component (Exedra\Url\UrlFactory) helps you with url creation, routing url routing resolve and so on. Available in both Exedra\Application and Exedra\Runtime\Context.

Creating Urls

All methods of this factory return Exedra\Url\Url.

UrlFactory::route(string $routeName)

Generate a Exedra\Url\Url for given route

$url = $context->url->route('@web.about-me');


Generate a current url

$url = $context->url->current();


Generate a previous url

$url = $context->url->previous();

UrlFactory::to(string $path)

Generate a url to given path

$url = $context->url->to($path);

URL Object


Aside from the factory, you can also benefit a lot from the object it returned.


Get URL query parameters

$url = $context->url->current();

$params = $url->getQueryParams();