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A Minimal annotation and reflection based anemic routeful controller for Exedra. In a simple word, a routeable-action-controller component in steroid.

Writing a lot of \Closure for your deep nested routing can get messier and not so IDE-friendly as they grow much bigger. This package is built to tackle the issue and give you a nice routing controller over your routing groups. The controller is anemic, flattened and incapable of construction (being a protected __construct), but knows very well about the routing design.

The annotation design is fairly simple, just a @property value mapping. Nothing much!

p/s : Originally developed as a separate package on https://github.com/exedron/routeller (now deprecated)

Add via service provider

Setup the service provider

$app = new \Exedra\Application(__DIR__);


Add via routing factory

Alternatively, you may manually add the handler, and set up additional things.

$app->routingFactory->addGroupHandler(new \Exedra\Routeller\Handler($app));

$app->map->addExecuteHandler('routeller_execute', ExecuteHandler::class);

Enable caching

Enable a file based cache

$options = array(
    'auto_reload' => true

$cache = new \Exedra\Routeller\Cache\FileCache(__DIR__ .'/routing_caches')

$app->provider->add(new \Exedra\Routeller\Provider($cache, $options));

The auto_reload option lets it reload the cache each time there's some change to the controllers.

Root Controller

This setup method allows you to alternatively initialize your root routing through a controller itself.

use Exedra\Routeller\RoutellerRootProvider;
use App\Controllers\RootController;

$app = new \Exedra\Application(__DIR__);

$app->provider->add(new RoutellerRootProvider(RootController::class));