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Independent Routing

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The routing component is built in a way it can independently work with PSR7 http message.

The only thing the routing components care is, the PSR7 ServerRequestInterface. Refer below for full example on how to implement them independently.


This example uses GuzzleHttp ServerRequest.

Setting up

Create the first level of routing group through the routing factory.

use Exedra\Routing\Group;
use \GuzzleHttp\Psr7\ServerRequest;

$routingFactory = new \Exedra\Routing\Factory;

$router = $routingFactory->createGroup();

The routing default handler

Add a default routing handler, and write some sameple test.

$router->addExecuteHandler('execute', \Exedra\Routing\ExecuteHandlers\ClosureHandler::class);

// a simple routing, and some middleware
$router->middleware(function(ServerRequest $request, $next) {
    return $next($request);

$router['hello']->any('/hello')->group(function(Group $group) {
    $group['world']->any('/world')->execute(function() {
        return 'hello world';

Request dispatching

Find matching by given request, and echo the matching response.

// dispatch the guzzle ServerRequest
try {
    $finding = $router->findByRequest($request = ServerRequest::fromGlobals());
} catch(\Exedra\Exception\RouteNotFoundException $e) {
    echo 'Oops, route not found';

$callStack = $finding->getCallStack();

echo $callStack->next($request, $callStack->getNextCaller());

Component Summary

Here's the brief summary of what each component does