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A registry of directory locations. This component is initially available in both Exedra\Application and Exedra\Runtime\Context instance as a service.

Both $app->path and $context->path imply the application root directory when the Exedra\Application is instanced.

Path::to(string $location) : string

Location string path relative to the instance.

$path = $app->path->to('to/somewhere');

Path::create(string $location) : Exedra\Path

Create a Exedra\Path relative to the instance.

$path = $context->path->create('to/somewhere');

Path::getContents(string $file) : string

Get contents of the given location.

$contents = $path->getContents('some/file.json');

Path::putContents(string $contents)

Put contents to given location.

$path->putContents('some/file.json', 'foo');

Path::isExists(string $location)

Check if given location exists (file / folder)

    return 'yes';