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A complete route properties.

Property Description Value
name Immutable route identifier. Can only be named through certain means.
method An HTTP Method. It can be a single method, or multiple method or any. Not specifying any will set the method to any.
path A string of URI path for this route to be matched with URI path. A false boolean will disallow request dispatch on the route.
String of matchable URI path.
boolean false
ajax Boolean whether will only accept ajax request or not. boolean
execute An handler pattern to be executed once a route is found. \Closure
middleware Bind a middleware to this route. Any route or it's childs matched will stack a middleware on runtime.
string of class name.
subroutes Define the group under this route
\Closure that receives a routing group.
tag A referable tag for latter route lookup, like through url generator or route based execution. string
attributes A key value component which can be retrieved through Exedra\Runtime\Context::attr($key) array
base The base of routing the subroutes will be based on, on finding them within execution context like url generation, and route name based execution. If boolean true is specified, it will base the finding on the current route.
string route name