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You may install exedra using any of the following ways. But, first create your project folder and change directory into the folder.


Composer is a modern tool that helps you with package management, if you don't have one yet, please do so by visiting their site and install. It's recommended to do this way.

composer require rosengate/exedra dev-master

Git Clone

You may git clone and then do the autoloading by your own if you want, or use ours.

git clone https://github.com/rosengate/exedra

To use our autoloader.

require_once __DIR__.'/path/to/Exedra/Path.php';

\Exedra\Support\Autoloader::getInstance()->autoloadPsr4('Exedra\\', __DIR__ . '/path/to/exedra/src');

Autoloading your sources

You can also use our autoloading mechanic to load your src

\Exedra\Support\Autoloader::getInstance()->autoloadPsr4('CoolApp\\', __DIR__ . '/src');